07/08 2011

Is Metal as I know it Dying??

Interesting thought, isn’t it?

Heavy metal, which has been my favourite style of music since i was thirteen, is going under a rapid change which seems to be leaning in favour of style over substance and bands such as Bring me the Horizon and Black Veil Brides suggest that this is the case. I believe my case is further cemented by the fact that many who are known as “Scene Kids” are stating and i quote: “Bring me the Horizon are better than Iron Maiden”.

Now i’m not being stupid by worrying about this am i?

For as long as i can remember, every metal band has wanted to achieve the status that the Irons have achieved, because they are, without a doubt, the biggest metal band ever. But when a small bunch of upstarts decide that Iron Maiden suck and that Bring me the Horizon are better, thats a cause for everyone who loves metal to start worrying.

I do believe that this division in opinion is the reason for an increasingly vast difference between those who are new coming to the genre and the lifestyle, and those who have been staunch supporters of metal since they were knee high. More and more often i get asked if my band has breakdowns and i always say : “Breakdowns are fucking stupid, we’ve got solo’s, which are a million times better” and guess what? I get laughed at and told that solo’s are shit. Solos are shit?! I have had instances where i’ve nearly killed someone because of that.

Metal is certainly at risk at becoming increasingly fragmented, so maybe i need to turn around and learn to get on with people no matter what their music taste. But one genre of metal is currently taking the piss at a fucking fast rate.

Deathcore. The bastardised coming together of Death Metal and Hardcore. I’ve never really approved of it, being a bigger fan of true death metal rather than these cunts in skinny jeans and hair thats blatently had more than 50 quid spent on it trying to beat the true masters at a genre which is supremely awesome. Most metal bands look as though they’ve just crawled out of bed and decided to play metal, and in most cases these bands tend to blow my mind, instead of crisp and clean looking twats with massive strechers in their ears trying to be metal.

Then, there comes my second complaint. Breakdowns. Fucking hell they piss me off, they are now rampant in nearly every “Deathcore” band that considers themselves “Br00tal”. You want Brutal music? Listen to Cerebral Bore, Fleshgod Apocolypse, Deicide, Carcass etc etc, these bands have their own signature sound, and guess what? they manage to be fucking awesome WITHOUT using breakdowns. The band that fathered death metal, Death, didn’t even have a template for writing their music, they simply just wrote what they thought was awesome.

So i reach the conclusion of my rant. Metal is dying, and it is doing so at an alarming rate. Commercialism is destroying the genre from within, and in an age where people are attracted to bands because of style over substance, there is genine cause for concern for all who love the greats such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Diamond Head, Angel Witch and all the thrash greats. Protectionism is a start, but it is not the answer.

03/25 2011


This week, a well known part of my social group, a guy called jaefeus died. I never really knew the dude, in fact i only met him once but he seemed like an absolutely awesome dude. R.I.P Jaefeus, hope heaven is treating you well.

In other parts of my life, things are picking up. Me and Becca are doing well again, the arguments have lessened as of late and i think we’re gonna be okay, so thats always good. The only other sad thing is that her grandma died last week, and i still believe that even though she’s gone through the crying and everything, she’s still finding it hard to deal with. Its at a time like this that i’m glad i’m here for her, because i know if she didn’t have someone watching her back, she’d just crumble under the sheer strain of things. The funeral’s next week, i don’t think she has any idea of what is going to happen, but whatever does, i’ll be here for her.

The band is going well. It really feels like i’m starting to gel with the rest of the guys. I know that they were a tad apprehensive, but it seems like they are really loving my work. It does me some good as well, to have my guitarist Dave or my bassist Andy turn round and go “those lyrics are fucking sick dude” or “I loved that vocal part in the chorus”. This band actually feels like just that, a band, and its fucking brilliant.

I ran in to the bass player from my old band, Kishan, the other day. We haven’t spoken much since i left my old band (a grindcore band called Gamera). He seemed okay, but when he spoke about the band he seemed like he wanted to say that he wanted me back, that he missed me and that he still loves me as a brother even though we didn’t see each other much. I love kish, he’s an amazing dude, but i’d never go back to my old band. Decaarta is my place for now, i miss kish, but i’d never go back to the past.

On a final side note, last night was eye opening. I’ve never liked children, i don’t know what to do with the fuckers, i’m more likely to throw them in the bin if they smell than act like a father or a responsible adult. Last night though, i met becca’s cousin. She’s only 1, and she actually melted my heart. When she held my hand, it was a weirdly amazing feeling, i’d never felt like that before. Its good to know that i’m not so hopeless with kids now.

So to finish off, R.I.P Jaefeus Harvey, you were a kickass pirate, let your memory never die.

Much love people, talk later.

03/22 2011

Ibanez K5 - Fieldy (Korn Bass player)


Ibanez K5 - Fieldy (Korn Bass player)

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03/21 2011


Phil Demmel & Robb Flynn [ Machine Head]!!!

 Much love for this…



Phil Demmel & Robb Flynn [ Machine Head]!!!

 Much love for this…

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03/10 2011

This week

wow, i’m back on tumblr, this is a surprise.

Well, summarising my week, this should be fun.

Hang on, i need to put some music on … . ahhh, apocolyptic havoc by Goatwhore, good song :)

so this week. Its been shitty to put it tamely, i mean, me and becca just can’t get on that well at the moment, and i do get nervous when this happens because i know it doesn’t take much to annoy her, and trust me, i’m quite annoying. But everything she appears to do is annoying me at the moment, and i can’t say anything right to her because she gets shitty with me. I can’t figure out whether its me or her, or just the fact that i’m dwelling on some stuff a bit too much.

I mean, we tried having sex on monday, and it was going well till her mum came in and dropped off some washing, then walked out. Since then, she says she’s not interested and that i’m too boring and predictable. I know she means well when she says this, but i don’t know if she realises how much she hurts me by saying the stuff she does, it really impacts on my life and how i view myself. It just doesn’t seem like we’re clicking at all, and i’m very worried about the stability of the relationship.

Its not just that either. I find it increasingly hard to tell her how i feel. It’s like i’ve withdrawn into my shell, something which i used to do as a self defence mechanism, and something which i’ve used to this very day. So i think she’s more frustrated (listening to metallica now, fuck yeah \m/) with me and inability to confide in her as it were.

I just hope shit clears itself up real soon

I want it to, but i think i’ve got a bigger fight on my hand than i care to admit.

well, i’ll log in again sometime soon, adios.

02/22 2011
really nice artwork :D

really nice artwork :D

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02/22 2011

An introduction

so, first time on tumblr, hmm, what to write? Well, i have no idea, so i shall just spout a random load of crap, or something like that.

Well, first of all, the basics. I’m a metalhead, an avid southampton fc fan, i’m a bass player and metal vocalist and i have the dream of someday making it in the music business. I’ve been with my girlfriend for nearly 7 months, i love tattoos and want some of my own and i like a beer or two.

Yeah, that sounds like a start.

Blogs have never been my strong suit. i start them, i forget them, then i lose interest and just abandon them. I used to blog shit when i was feeling depressed and (regrettably) a bit emo, but thank fuck thats changed. I can garuntee, i will post every now and again, because i wanna keep this up. Right now? Not doing much to be quite fair, watching friends with the girlfriend (who is fucking gorgeous <3 <3 <3) and looking forward to band practise on saturday with my new band, Decaarta :D

Now, i shall repost when i can be fucked.